Monday, 13 March 2017

Life Saving

This afternoon Room 16 will be Life Saving and Kayaking.

First we put on our life jackets.

We learnt different techniques including the huddle.  We saved each other in our boat yeaay. 

We learnt that when we need help in the water do not swim freestyle because our arms are out of the water and we get cold really fast but if we dog paddle or breast stroke our arms stay in the water and we don't get as cold.  Good to remember!


  1. My favourite part in the water safety was the scuba exit.

  2. hi guys what fun you had didn't yous what was your favourite part of going to the center?

  3. Maia sienna's big sister19 March 2017 at 15:54

    hi siennas big sister wow thats looks so fun I remember doing that what's your favourite part of the trip mine was kayaking.

  4. Wow room 16 looks like you had some good fun at the AUT Millennium Centre!
    By Tait.