Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My Little Garden Holiday Blogs

Hello everyone

Room 16 is so fortunate to have some real dedicated "My Little Garden" babysitters over these holidays.

I am so proud of you all for looking after your plants.....can't wait to see how big your "baby plants" will be when we start back at school!!!!!

Well done to Nicole, Sophie, Sara J, Miranda, Mylan and Neerav!!!  You are all indeed WONDERFUL gardeners.

A copy of the letter is attached as well as some of the photos our fantastic babysitters have emailed to me.......Kapai!!!!

See you all on the 16 October......meanwhile keep watering and loving your plants
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Friday 29 September

Dear ____________________________

THANK YOU for volunteering to look after Room 16s “Little Garden” plants over the coming holidays.

The tiny seedlings will need a little water, lots of love and regular talks over the two weeks.  Please look after them as follows:

  • Place the pot on a clean saucer in a place with enough light, but not directly in the sun.
  • Check the soil in the morning, and before bed.  If the soil feels dry and crumbly pour a small amount of water over the surface.
  • If you see a little plant appear from the soil, well done!  The seeds have germinated and will be ready soon to move into a bigger pot or garden.  Do not touch the little plant as it is very delicate.
  • Ask Mum or Dad if you can take a photo of the plant and email it to Whaea so she can let the rest of the class know we have it.  Whaea’s email is

I am very excited to see which flowers we have (Sunflower, Pansy, Purple Tansy or Sweet Pea).  Remember you can email me at any time (I will be checking them every day)

Please do not get worried or upset if nothing grows or if the wee seedlings do not survive.  Remember that is the circle of life and we can always try again.

Enjoy your holidays my wonderful budding botanists/gardeners…...happy growing!!!!!!


Whaea Tearani

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